Valerie Cavers' extensive background in the financial lending industry, and her commitment and dedication to her clients "BEST INTEREST", enable you to obtain the best rates, products, and terms to suit your particular  needs and financial situation.  You could be reaching out for help as an experienced Purchaser, 1st time home buyer, someone who needs assistance/advice with consolidation of debts,  or refinancing for renovation or as simple as a straight renewal of our existing mortgage balance, with a new rate or term better suited to the current times.

Her expertise and friendly, professional approach to business makes the experience warm, comfortable, informative and easy, very user friendly.  Working with Valerie gives you the benefit from her ability to liaise with over 35 lenders to find the most attractive rates, terms, and mortgage conditions available.  This one stop shop can save you the time and frustration from doing it yourself.  Why not have a "personal shopper" look after this for you, without you having to pay Valerie for use of her professional services.

Valerie's professional goal is to look after her clients BEST INTEREST!

Sometimes that is simply advice on improving your current credit rating to put you in a better position to refinance or purchase a home later.  Sometimes you will be advised that your best action at this time to stay with your current lender, simply sign the renewal as offered.  In the meantime she will work with you to improve, build, clean up your credit, get employment experience in place.  Sometimes it is advice to save the cost to break the term and likely share tips on how to negotiate with your current lending institution. Penalties to break sometimes are too costly, and you can’t save the interest, or it doesn’t put you in a better position at the end of the month.

Sometimes YOUR BEST INTEREST isn't a mortgage that closes with Valerie at this time, but something she can recommend you do without moving your mortgage.   SERVICE, ADVICE and EXPERIENCE are what Valerie offers which is IN THE BEST INTEREST of her clients. 

Valerie  is confident providing warm, friendly, honest and professional assistance and direction means that business/referrals will come her way down the road.  Valerie's business is REFERRAL based, and she prides herself on the ability to continue to get referrals from her past, present and sometimes those clients she recommends stay where they are.

You will have every confidence, and comfort when dealing with Valerie.  You will appreciate her honesty and integrity.

Call her today! 

Current working from her Home Office, in Cumbelrand,ON

You can reach Valerie at:  613 424 0686 or on her cellular 613 866 4183

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